January punishes and humiliates her male slave

Thursday, 22. September 2016

Everyone has roleplay fantasies sooner or later. Many of us have dreamed of being dominated by a nurse, a secretary,…
Here are four samples of a set in which Adam is punished and humiliated by his maid Seraph. The male slave must worship the shoes of his mistress. Then he has his ball clamped. After that it is CBT time with dick flicking. Then the poor male slave gets fucked in his ass. And it is not over yet. January chains Adam on her bed and rides his cock for her pleasure, after which she strokes Adam’s dick. This are a few of the things that mistress January likes to do to her male slaves.

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11488 p 23

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Mistress fucks her male slave in the ass

Thursday, 15. September 2016

Zak is the submissive male slave of mistress Ashley for 3 days now.
In the sample photo below the tied up and gagged male slave is fucked in the ass by his mistress with a big strapon. In the complete set at Divine Bitches there is much more going on. His dick gets electrocuted and his nipples are tortured with heavy weights to name but a few.
It is amazing what Zack can take after 3 days in the hands of mistress Ashley. Zack became the devoted male slave that Ashley wanted him to be.

Male slave gets fucked in his ass

Divine Bitches is loaded with mistresses torturing their male slaves.

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Husband and Male Slave for Life

Thursday, 8. September 2016

It is Mistress Aiden Starr’s wedding night and she is teaching her husband a lesson in dominance. From the moment he said “I do,” he agreed to be her male slave for life. The divine bitch tied him up to the bed and gags his screams for mercy. The romantic candles are scorching hot as the Dominant wife gives the male slave wax treatment. A long pinching zipper is in place and Aiden Starr laughs while jerking her male slaves cock and ripping off the skin clamps in unison. It’s a long night for the submissive husband and he still has till death do they part.

Submissive male slave on his wedding night

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Maitresse Madeline Crushes Male Slave Balls

Thursday, 25. August 2016

Male Slave Kade wants nothing more than to serve his Mistress on the upper floor. Before Maitresse Madeline allows her male slaves this honor, they must prove themselves worthy of worshipping her body. The divine Dominatrix tests the pathetic male slave’s endurance in various rope bondage positions. With the worm’s legs tied up overhead and suspended, his testicles and puny cock are exposed to extreme torture. The Mistress tests out those balls by grinding her pussy on them, causing pleasure for herself and shooting pain for the slave boy.

Males slave gets his balls crushed

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New Mistress Humiliates her Male Slave

Thursday, 18. August 2016

January Seraph is a new dominatrix to Divine Bitches. That just means that the female supremacist will be even crueler to her male slaves in order to prove her wickedness. The gorgeous vixen takes out a supposedly tough male slave and sets about breaking him with a slow and painful bdsm process. First, the Mistress clamps his cock into a chastity device and humiliates his cock. The man gets turned on by the Mistress’s teasing and January laughs at the restrained pathetic male. She further humiliates him by fucking his ass with a strap on before beginning her cruel bdsm torture.

Male slave humiliated by his mistress

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